Monday, September 3, 2007

20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Next Newsletter

20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Newsletter

by James Palmer

What will my newsletter be used for?
Will my newsletter by delivered in text or HTML format?
Which autoresponder service will I use to deliver my newsletter?
How often do I want to send out my newsletter?
How many words will it be?
What features will I include in my newsletter?
What will my newsletter do for my business?
What will I call my newsletter?
Will I be the only author or will there be guest authors?
Will I offer my products and services in the newsletter?
Will I offer third-party products and services in the newsletter?
Will people pay me to place their ads in my newsletter?
Will my newsletter contain graphics or pictures?
Who is my newsletter’s target audience?
What major benefit does my newsletter give my target audience?
What personal information will I include about myself in the newsletter?
Will I give my target audience permission to reprint and distribute my newsletter articles?
Will I turn my newsletter articles into other information products like videos, audio books, teleseminars, workshops, ebooks, etc.?
Will I write each and every article, or use a ghostwriter?
How many newsletter subscribers do I want?

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